Health Stack x.0

This is an ongoing draft. Last updated Sun, Oct 22, 2023

Two years ago I did an interview with Eight Sleep covering everything in my “health stack”, the things I do and the stuff I use for health. This post is an update to that.

Philosophically, I haven’t changed much since then. I want to live long and well, for myself and the people I love. Longevity, and healthspan in particular, are the important themes. Yet life is not a competition to become the highest grade daffodil fertilizer; I still make decisions I know are bad for my health, knowing the costs. But it’s the knowing, and consciously making the trade off, that I think is crucial.

The last few decades of scientific research have been challenging, with the replication crisis, industry interests, and even good research muddied by bad. It unfortunately is not a new problem either. The solution to this is more, better science,1 but it still leaves a tattered trail as a guide for what one ought to do for their health. It’s a tad woo woo, but I think applying common sense, trying things, listening to your body, and getting great diagnostics is the best fallback method. It is sheerly absurd that we need any science at all to convince people that going outside, using your body, resting, having friends and romantic partners, eating naturally and only as much as you need, etc. are all good for you. But here we are.

The three pillars I focus on are sleep, diet, and exercise.





I’m always learning and trying new things. Willing to invest in ambitious health companies too. Email me if you have ideas or feedback:

  1. Though still kinda wild west, I'm excited by the ambition in the biotech + longevity fields (Loyal, Variant Bio, Fauna Bio, etc). I personally haven't experimented with any therapeutics yet but am thinking about it.