Jack & Remi

…they’re not taking a universal ice cream base and just adding flavors and mix-ins; instead, the recipe for each base depends on what flavor profile and texture the team was trying to achieve, and all the additional bits — think chunks of cake and ribbons of fudge — are made by Chow Fisher, not purchased and then swirled in.
Eater SF

New contender for best ice cream in SF. I love the texture; it leans custard-y but is still firm. The handcrafted details of the ingredients (made by a Michelin star pastry chef) shine through in each and every one of the flavors. My favorites are Strawberry SZN, Coffee Cocoa Nib, and, sleeper pick, Orange Bay Leaf (it's like a fancy creamsicle). No physical location yet, just pick up and delivery.

Sat, Nov 4, 2023